Almost most Indonesian nations still trust the existence of black magic, other name nor magic which of a kind, 35 year ago even also writer have seeing many people have recourse to soothsayer / sorcerer even hitherto. See … so much filem or display in TV with reference to supertitous, soothsayer, undeniable many have happened big issu with reference to soothsayers, even there have eating victim to patient wearing soothsayer facility by various reason like have stress to medicinize which do not visit recover at doctor, because obtaining properties quickly , getting couple or to fulfill need or requirement of life. This even also we is given on to unsure which with reference to black magic in HP with number 0866 with red ray radiation which it is said have snatched victim.gic, black magic, spectre, horrible etceteras which is later then looked on by child until adult.

Is black magic ? black magic referred as also paranormal something abysmal of normal things, definitively mentioned by paranormal are terms used as by all psychical symptom types, all related to soul or mind. Usually the practice of black magic can in the form of needle input. Fibre of palmtree, rib etcetera to someone body of distance which far. All Moslem scholars have given understanding concerning magic are as Abdissalam Baali bin from Wahid ( http;//www. Al-Manhaj.Or.Id) [ A]. Magic According to Ianguage. Al-Laits tell, ” Magic are a deed of which can draw near x’self to prince of darkness constructively him.” Al-Azhari tell, ” Fundamental base of magic is to avert something from reality which in fact to other .” Ibnu Manzur say ” Isn’t it sorcerer show of no use in the form of truth and depict something do not like reality which in fact. Thereby, he have something from reality which in fact or avert him.” Syamir isn’t it from Ibnu ‘ Aisyah, he tell : ” People Arab mention that magic with word of as-Sihr because he eliminates health become pain.” Ibnu Faris, telling, ” Magic mean to show of no use (kebathilan) in the form of truth.” In book of Al Mu’Jamul Wasiith mentioned ” Magic are something that conducted softly and very hidden (terselubung).” in book of Muhiithul Muhiith mentioned, ” Magic is to action show something with nicest appearance, so that can cheat human being.” [ B]. Magic In Term of Syari’at. Fakhruddin Ar-Razi tell, ” According to term of Syari’at, magic only special with reference to all something that because him not seen and depicted not like reality which in fact, and also take place passed stratagem.”

Ibnu Qudamah Al-Maqdisi tell, ” Magic is tyings, incantations, thrown word verbally and article, or conduct something that influence body, hit by people mind or liver is magic without have direct interaction to with him. This magic have reality, among others there is which can kill, making pain, making a husband cannot meddle the wife of or dissociate husband/wife spouse, or make other hateful one of the parties or make both parties each other loving him.” Ibnul Qayyim lay open, ” Magic is aliance from various influence of virulent ruh-ruh, and also interaction various strength of nature with him.” Theorem Showing the Existence Of Magic.

First : Theorems Of Al-Qur-an: Allah of Ta’ala said:

” Mean : And they follow what is read by prince of darkness at a period of empire of Sulaiman ( and them say that that Sulaiman do magic), though Sulaiman not infidel not do magic, however prince of darkness that is what infidel ( doing magic). They teach magic to human being and what is degraded to two Angel people in Babil, that is Harut and of Marut, is both not teach ( something) to a even also before telling, ‘ In fact we are only temptation ( for you), that cause of yours don’t infidel.’ Hence, they study from both that Angel is what is with that magic are they earn to divorce between a with his wife. And they that ( magician) not give mudharat with the magic of to a even also, except with Allah permit. And them study something that give mudharat to them and not give benefit. Real are they have believed that goods who convert him ( Kitabullah) with that magic, no for him advantage of eternity/the beyond, and very their deed criminal sell their self with magic, if them know.” [ Al-Baqarah: of him : Mozes say, Do you tell to truth of time he comes to you, this magic though that magicians is not get victory.” [ Yunus: of him : Hence after them throw, Mozes say to them, What you conduct that, that of magic, real of Allah will show his him. Real of Allah will not let to continue the to have taking place of work of people who make damage. And Allah will correct sturdy with decision of Him, although people who do sin not like [ Yunus: 81-82],”

Mean : Hence musa have cold feet at heart him. We say, Yours don’t fear, in fact you is most exeed ( winning). And throw what is existing on-hand your right, undoubtedly he will swallow what they are do you do. Real is what they are that do you do is sorcerer stratagem ( belaka) And will not win that sorcerer, from particular is he comes [ Thaahaa: of him : And Us made a night of it to Mozes, Throw your stick .’ Hence abrupt that stick swallow what they isn’t it. In consequence correct reality and cancel which always they do. Hence them fail on the ground and become their of lowly people who. And that magicians at moment’s notice grovel x’self kowtowed, They say, We believe to natural Rabb semesta ( Rabb Mozes ) and of Harun.” [ Al-A’Raf: of him : Tell , I shelter to Rabb mastering Shubuh, of badness of His being, and from badness of night if have pitch dark, and from badness of sorcerer women blowing buhul-buhul and from badness of malicious people who if he grudges.” [ Al-Falaq: 1-5] And I created not the Jinn and mankind except that they should worship Me.

, ” hence their sujutlah except dickens. And is from genie faction, hence he mutiny thes comand of the infinite of is you proper take away from and the generations of as leader apart from to me, them are is your enemy is ugly very that dickens in the place of ( Allah) for people who of zalim(Qs.18:50).” ‘ And the above is true we make for every that prophet [of] enemy, that is prince of darkness ( of type) human being and ( from jenis) jin, some of thems whisper to some other is beautifuls words to cheat ( human being). If your The infinite want undoubtedly they do not do him, hence leaving them and what they are trump up (ada-adakan) (Qs. 6:112), ” Hi child of adam, don’t occasionally you earn to be cheated by Prince of darkness as he have released both your father mother from heaven, he take offs from both the clothes of to show to both his him. Real is We have made that prince of darkness of leaders for people which unbeliever (tidak beriman) (Qs.7:27)”,

Verily, he has no power over those who believe and put their trust only in their Lord. His power is only over those who obey and follow him (Shaytan), and those who join partners with Him (Allah) ( Qs. 16:99), ‘ Religious people who and do not mingle to inform against their believe with brutality ( syirik). They that of people who get belief in God and that them is people who get guide ( qs.6:82)

Surely, Shaytan is an enemy to you, so take (treat) him as an enemy. He only invites his followers that they may become the dwellers of the blazing Fire. (Qs.3:6)

Those who believe, fight in the cause of Allah, and those who disbelieve, fight in the cause of the Taghut. So fight against the friends of Shaytan; ever feeble indeed is the plot of Shaytan.(Qs. 4:76)

In hadis ” Real of that syatan emit a stream of from human being body through blood road;street -( Hr. Bukhari and moslem),” ‘ whose goods visit ‘ arraf’ ( diviner) to it, will not the apceptence of him during fourty day. ( Hr. Moslem in his him).”

That of picture given by Al-Qur’an and of hadis concerning black magic, soothsayer and magic, just hopefully we can avoid x’self of work of prince of darkness or genie.


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